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so…not too long ago, it was our 8th monthiversary…YAY haha. I really wanna take you to go eat at like…olive garden or somethin soon ;) and know how much you like italian food :) omnom nom, i wanna make sure you always smile all day erray X) awww yea haha.  i hope that one day, I can buy you some really expensive food and take you to go traveling with me, to a beach or another country :) Then we can go visit Korea, the Phillippines, and see other sites <3 all for you.

OMG, yea that sounds like a plan, ima take you out to a country you always wanted to see cuz you deserve to see awesome places. Ill even take you to like the grand canyon :) i really do wanna take you to so many places that you wanna see, i dont care where cuz i wanna spoil you :) o and the dog…german shepard awww yea tis awesome :) ill do work for u i promise :)

anything you want, ill give it to you i promise <3

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Ok so…

I’ve been meaning to make a post for you, and here you go. First off, I just want to say thanks, for being there for me through the thick and thin. When I was going through tough times, you were there for me, giving me support. W/o you, I don’t know where/how I’d be. I wish I could give you the world as thanks, but sadly I cant. But what I do have, I want to give to you. You are my everything, and with out you, I’d be nothing. I daydream about our future all the time, seeing us as happy as can be, and just jumping around like kids in a candy store; going through amusement parks, shoot, just watching funny videos together.

I want you to know I love you, from the bottom of my heart. When I’m with you, I forget about everything else in the world, and instead, you are my world. When I’m away from you, I feel like somethings terribly wrong, and there is something that cant be fixed. I continuously wait until we see each other again, because I love just being near you. You bring me joy, laughter, and smiles; and I wish that I could do the same for you all the time. Your laughter makes me laugh, and everytime you say “YOU’RE NOT MADDDD”, I go from partially upset to completely LOL’ing =). Remember that time you laid my arm on your forehead? yea well, thats the first time you made me laugh so hard that I farted, then we both laughed cuz of that..XD Point is, you bring the best out of me, and I just want you to know.

I love you, and I promise to keep you smiling and laughing.

Love, your boyfriend <3

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Currently listening to…

Hillsong United- Point of Difference. Chorus lyrics here:

Open the skies
Flood the Earth with your light
This is love to break a world indifferent
As we lift up our eyes
Fill our hearts with your fire
In a world the same we’ll be the difference, the difference.

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Havent posted in….forever

so I thought that it’d be nice to throw some random mumbo jumbo. lawlz.

For those reading this, I wanna know…exactly what you guys think about me. Not that I care if its good or not, I just would like to know if it matches what I think. I hear I’m funny, caring, etc…, but am I really? I think I’m annoying, someone that hates bein bored so much that I always start convo’s even though people are busy. Some of my friends say I flirt a lot, but that its a friendly kind of way? I have no idea, I’m just bored, and wanna get to know people.

What do you guys think, honestly? If its not what I think I am, I may go and be a complete stranger, change myself to fit what I think of myself, or at the very least, the good points that I see.

On a side note, cant wait to go to the beach in July. LEGGO

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Day Four: Tell the story of your favorite memory.

hmmm…well, i guess it should be this, seeing as how i dont have too many fond memories. it started when i was 5 years old. it was the day if my sister’s dance recital (?), and i was getting ready that afternoon to go watch her. in the shower, i remembered from earlier that you can slide in the tub if it is a little wet. so, yup, you guessed it….i slid alot. i slid, slid, slid, until suddenly, i slid too far. i slipped and cut my toe on our metal plug. it completely lacerated my toe open, and i saw my bone (LEGIT). of course my mom came and saw and freakin out. sometime after, my dad came to pick me up, say….3pm. he usually worked from 9am-10pm, so i never got to see him during the day if at all. needless to say, i spent a lot of time with him, just father and son. i can honestly say, that this so far has been the highlight of my life. as a kid, i rarely got to see my dad (in high school i saw him a bit too much…LOL), so being with my dad for 3 or so hours, talking, eating, having fun, was something that i really enjoyed, and eased the pain of my injury. so that bonding time really meant a lot to me, cuz it gave me an opportunity to spend time with my dad. =P

o, the BEST part was i think no one went to my sister’s recital LOLLL kidding. sis, if your reading this, i heart you.

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Day Three: Describe your first kiss, where you were, who saw and how you felt when it happened.

hahahaha, what the….well, its not that great? i was outside of a few different restaurants in a small town, and i was just chattin with a friend. this friend had shown interest in me, but i never couldve imagined that we’d kiss LOL. we were just talkin bout life and what not, and she went and kissed me on the cheek. i was….surprised nonetheless. she then kissed my lips not too long after, and i was REALLY shocked. like…i stared at her for a long time with a “wtf” face…literally. we kept goin for a few hrs in the cold lawlzzz. no one really saw, but yea..

wat a weird topic, o well. yea my life is pretty boringgggg

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Day Two: A letter to your best friend.

Sadly, i cant say i have a SINGLE best friend, so i’ll generalize these for the friends i consider good and close friends.

Thanks for being who you are. Each of you guys have different reasons as to why (atleast to in my mind) are good friends. Some, i talk to more than other, spend time, etc… I’ve heard (mainly as a joke?) “what? you wanted to hang out? sorry, i figured you wouldnt make time for me seeing as how you have 12084710924380123.129387123^123718237182 friends.” so yea, no. if i wanted to hang out with you, its cuz i like spending time with you, and maybe a specific circle of friends we have. and for those who i dont exactly hit up on a weekly basis to hang out, im not sayin ur not that fun to chill with. it’ll prolly be because one or both of us got too busy to chill, so im not ignoring or even forgotten you, IIGHT?!

i also tell some of you guys “secrets”, and others i dont. not that i dont trust you, its just that some friends are strictly the “its serious, lets talk” and others are “eff this, lets go eat and get fat like we always do”. I care about you guys and i wish i could come up with a way to let you guys know that and to truly feel that. so with this, thanks guys, for being who you are. if you werent you, who would you be?

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random 10 day challenge?

yea…i decided to do one to keep myself occupied so…here it is haha

Day One: Your favorite quotes.
Day Two: A letter to your best friend.
Day Three: Describe your first kiss, where you were, who saw and how you felt when it happened.
Day Four: Tell the story of your favorite memory.
Day Five: Three things that you’ve done in your life that you regret doing / not doing.
Day Six: Three things that you wish you could do right now.
Day Seven: Your favorite TV show, movie, song and book.
Day Eight: Write a letter to someone that you’ve drifted away from and now miss.
Day Nine: Five items you’d grab in a fire.
Day Ten: The hardest thing you’ve ever had to do.

Day One: Your favorite quotes

"Forgive but don’t forget"

"Don’t watch me, watch tv" LOL

random one I found “It’s wonderful to climb the liquid mountains of the sky. Behind me and before me is God and I have no fears. ”

andddd one that I (think) made up XD “If your name was “Job”, I’d work you all night.” hahaha

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so listen….

can i have yo number??? lawlz. its been a minute, and im bored, so why not keep myself busy by writing a post? =P

I gotta say….shout out to those good friends who go outta the way for me. I may seem like i dont exactly need help/advice, but to those who are there, thx. i dont know where/what/who i’d be if it weren’t for you guys. feels like only a handful of my “friends” seem to care, and sometimes, thats all anyone ever needs. if i knew a way to find out how to thank you guys thoroughly, i wouldve by now. so thx =)

also….herro. my name is san. i so smart, i do cacruations in my foot and do duh dirty with my mouse.

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Its been a minute since i last posted something, so what better time than now? a few topics that i’d like talk about.

1. School. Yes, this is ur typical “GAH OMFG, SKOOL BLOWS”. im having a rough time with school, and its only gonna get harder. it means im gonna have to focus more, which means less chill time, and more MIA time. So for the time being, i wont be chillin or wastin as much time so i can focus on my grades….just know that if i wanna chill, i deem it important, or your just that fun to chill with haha =P (BTW, those at mason…plz help me to study, instead of chillin like i always do -_-)

2. Random mumbojumbo involving the opposite sex. today, more than ever, ppl have been asking me “does he like me? does this or that mean this or that?” and i must say…at the moment i cared and was serious, but its pretty darn funny that they asked me today when i never get those questions haha. o and, two of my friends wondered what would happen if they did it with me and kept it a secret from each other? weird….really…weird. also, im finding it harder to trust women, iounno…maybe im too sensitive for my own good, but i cant help it…more info on that later for those who care =P

3. last but not least….YAY ME. ive been having so many ups and downs already this week (its a freakin Tuesday -_-). i had an exam i found out about the day before, took today, and another 2marro. ive been wondering whats going on with the girl situation, and had to help ppl with theirs. THEN comes the fun part, intramural flag football: W 14-0. (I had two INT’s to start), fantasy football i won w/o starting a player who got 40 POINTS?!?!, and i also go to chill with some friends at chipotle and the newly opened pink berry at fairfax corner, then went to a nrb and got my singing on =).

thats me lately, hope it didnt bore yall out. have fun, take care, and do you.